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What Are People Saying

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The templates are awesome! Easy-to-use and super beneficial. Thank you so much for your effort!

— Copywriter

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Simple but very effective! Easy to use, no issues with downloading whatsoever. Happy customer

— Life Coach

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These resources are so helpful for someone like me who is a type a personality but at the same time too scattered brain to organize things myself.

— Civil Servant

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Notion is a great tool, made even better because Haonmade's templates make it easier to organize both personal and business ideas!

— CEO/Music Producer

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Love the free Notion templates and resources you've shared to your community! Thank you and looking forward your upcoming templates!

— Designer

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The ChatGPT Organizer has definitely solved my problem on organizing my prompts and notes. Thank you for making this.

— Marketing Consultant

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Thank you for sharing some free stuff. Im from brazil and here the dollar is worth a lot. So even when its cheap in dollars the math is times 5.5. Thanks

— Brand Manager

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I have found the perfect resource not only to organize my work but also my life. There is a range of templates that are easy to fill out. What a champ! Thanks.

— Freelance Musician

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Hey, I'm Noah – a product designer by day and a digital creator by night. I'm all about crafting and curating digital solutions that make work a breeze, leaving you with more time in the day to pursue your passions or spend with family.

At haonmade, our mission is crystal clear: we're here to provide top-notch, pocket-friendly tools that supercharge productivity for creatives and entrepreneurs alike. Since our journey began in 2023, we've sprinkled our magic on over 35,000 users worldwide, decking them out with solutions that shake up their digital workflows. Dive into our stash and join us on the quest for efficiency – it's time to seize back your schedule for the things that truly light you up!