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12-in-1 Creative Essentials Bundle

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Introducing possibly the first and the best Notion essentials designed for creative professionals! Explore our 12-in-1 Notion bundle, designed to save you time in setting up your personal workspace from scratch.

Whether you're organizing ideas, planning schedules, or simply using Notion as your second brain for your creative work, feel free to duplicate any template from this bundle that catches your eye. The main idea behind this is to have a collection of templates that can seamlessly integrate into your creative workspace, enhancing your productivity and organization.

Creative Essentials Bundle Includes:

✅ Creative Assets Hub

✅ Social Media Planner

✅ Holy Grail of Free Creative Resources

✅ Notion Sales CRM

✅ Job Application & Portfolio Manager

✅ Subscription & Trial Tracker

✅ Six Thinking Hats Workshop

✅ Creative Marketplaces For Monetization

✅ Eisenhower Notion Planner

✅ Notion Bookmark Manager

✅ Brainstorm Room

✅ Invoice Generator & Payment Tracker

You will get a PDF (421KB) file